Internet speeds again.

Just thought I’d let you know I recently got a new router and I’m sorta running up to 3x faster than I was. (Off peak of course)

Before my download was about 20mb/s. Upload and ping much the same.

This is still with Plusnet, but we recently switched to a different package. This one doesn’t dip during peak times, but there is a 60GB usage limit.

Speeds are meh, but enough for what I use it for.

I amnot currently at my house but here are some speeds I get from my phone over a cell network. Will post others later :>

Your ROUTER fixed that?

Anyway, I am on faster interwebs right now, thanks to my last lan party.

Yup. We got a new one delivered and apparently the old one was limiting our connectivity to about 25-30mb/s.

heres mine.

Keep in mind mine is Canada :stuck_out_tongue: . I want the new google :stuck_out_tongue: but I am not moving to Kansas…

Download: 16.42 Mb/S
Upload: 0.48 MB/S
Ping: 14 ms

This is actually a high score for me. And we’re paying for a 4mb plan.

I’m tuning my PC up, so we will see how much better it gets inna min, but this is mine… Liam, how o you live with a F- sir? I would kill myself! XD

YouTube works on 480p, minecraft server, tf2 servers, etc. they work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting that you guys bring this up as I have been trying different options for my net.

This is with my Ethernet connection:

This is with my wireless connection:

This is with my Ethernet powerline connection:

I am being asked to remove the Ethernet cable from the hall, so I had to change my options. Believe it or not, the wireless card cost as much as the Ethernet powerline adaptor. $65. I am SO ordering more of these for my clients. Well worth the price for going sort of wireless.

here is my test

Trololol. While listening to Spotify, and syncing Dropbox. If we ever need a perm server for whatever I can do that haha. Fiber = Win.

Huh, I’m also on fibre optic but it’s my download that gets boosted rather than my upload…

:frowning: >:( >:( >:(

To quote my mom, “It’s fast enough!”