Internet Fail!

Ok so a huge bolt of lightning hit very close to my house and fried everyone’s cable, Internet, and phone services. So no Internet until they can get it fixed. No anything man…PRAY FOR ME!

Hm how are you writing this? lol

Probably Phone? IDK. But wow that sucks, hope it comes back soon:)

“fried everyone’s cable, Internet, and phone services”

Wifi is very easy to hack into. all you need is a busy city and an iPod touch/iPhone.

how do you hax wifi ouhai? :o

On a street in a large town/city that has lots of apartment/tenement blocks get out your iPod/iPhone and go to: Settings > WiFi then find an unsecured network. SIMPLES :slight_smile:

EDIT: Come to think of it it’s more stealing than hacking but oh well, FREE INTERNETZ :slight_smile:

I’m back! Oh and I did this through my church’s wifi.

A church has WIFI? lol

mine does too lol

mine doesn’t :frowning: BUT we have a really old dial phone :smiley:

If u want free wifi go to starbucks

Lawlz starbucks FTW

McDonalds = Free Wifi (Shitty Wifi but wifi)

Also, my church has wifi =D
and a ps3
and a wii…