Indefinite Hiatus

Hi all. I wanted to inform you that I’ll be leaving the server indefinitely, maybe joining once a month or so. This is nothing to do with the people of the server, I’ve just fallen off of Minecraft in general, only ever walking around aimlessly for some minutes before logging off, or becoming invested in a project for all of one day and then immediately falling off. I’ve also been gradually joining less and less for a couple months now - I don’t think I’ve logged onto the server in about a week.

I’d like to thank you all for the joyous memories I’ve had from talking to y’all over the past 6-ish years. This has been the only server I’ve ever stayed on for more than a month so far as I can remember, due entirely to my enjoyment in hanging out with y’all and chatting in the server chat, teamspeak, discord etc.

Sorry to say goodbye, but I figured that just dropping off without a word would be kinda rude. So, then, bye all. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your time on the server as much as I did.

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Gonna miss you dude!

Good luck and see you as soon as possible back on!

Bye Auiafjo0pknaisnala!

Loljk, but bye man, I’m sure you’ll come back eventually with more motivation and have more fun with it. I always seem to do so after leaving indefinitely.

It’s sad to see you go. You’ve been a good friend since day 1. Good luck with whatever you do next. Stop by sometime. I’ll miss you, Josh. <3

I’m gonna miss you man, it was always fun being online with you, talking with you, playing EU4 with you and all that. Visit often!