inappropriate bans/kicks

so I’ve noticed a lot lately that some of the staff has been kicking and banning for ridiculous reasons.
for example a couple days ago i was expressing how i felt on the entry fee at the mob guantlet and i got kicked by shad reason: get over it seriously. and i thought that was very irresponsible of him/her. and ive notice other ridiculous reasons. this is very annoying and inappropriate and i hope it can stop.

thanks ~mini

have you seen the ban list? theres a reason saying “CANADA SUCKS”


The other day, you were going on and on and on about the entry fee, he had told you to get over it, multiple times before kicking you.

Most of the time when redicilous reasons are used to kick/ban players, it’s either in a joking manner or used against a troll. However in your case, you continued to talk down on the gauntlet due to its entry fee and refused to stop, so Shadow gave you a warning kick.

As a Canadian I’m not offended by it. We are just too superior for recognition :wink:

As John and Robin have stated kicks are often used to warn a player about their behaviour and I believe shadow was quite justified in his actions.

Ya know mini I like you but they have a point. Just a the kick said get over it man.

If you have an issue with this, you can come talk to me and ill ask you to kindly buzz off. It’s not MY idea to add an entry fee to the mini games, it is because the diamond economy went to shit, and this is my way of helping fix our problem. Oh, and lets not forget that I spend my time and energy making sure it happens so that the players on the server can have something to do every week, and obtain super valuable, rare, and powerful tools weapons and armor, and a shitton of in game cash. If you have an issue with it, you’re going to have a bad time, cause as long as I’m doing minigames there will be an entry fee between 6-10 diamonds per game.

okay i admit i was complaining about the admission fee quite a bit, but i don’t think you should get kicked for that.

some examples of ridiculous bans

you were kicked for continueing to do what someone asked you NOT TO DO

as far a the examples you have given us. the one that i banned was a guest who came on telling us how bad the server sucked for no reason, and using excessive swearing, and if you actually read the above posts, you would know that we do that for FUN against trolls

Mini, you are about to be on my bad side if you continue this thread. If you do not stop whining about shit you dont know what the hell you are talking about, you will be asked to leave as well. Let the staff do their fucking job and keep your opinions about how we do our work to yourself please, unless there is some truely abusive nature.

Since when is removing a floor not a good reason to ban someone?

im sorry guys i just think this is abuse to kicks/bans now i feel bad.

im also not continuing the thread because shadow said not to

I know this topic has been locked but I don’t feel we have said everything that should have been said:

  • For the bans, we have already dealt with the question between us of “stupid reasons” for banning. Staff will now make an effort from now on. Most of the examples that you have chosen are old.

As for the kicks. You have to understand that getting kicked is more of a warning than anything. We do not keep any records of who has been kicked, whereas we do for bans.

Three reasons for getting kicked:

  • Getting kicked usually means: “Dude cool down, you are starting to become annoying.”

  • Have you ever noticed that members of staff sometimes kick each other as a joke: that’s only because kicks are not that terrible.

  • Lastly, staff can kick people so that they can relog. Sometimes, someone’s rank has changed whilst they were playing. Staff will kick them so that their rank can get synced.

Getting kicked is not the end of the world! I’ve never been banned, but I’ve been kicked a few times (mostly for the two last reasons, I behave sooo well :p)!