Hello all!

Some of you guys might of noticed that I don’t come on much anymore. I feel it’s best to address why and how long this will go on for.

I have been playing on this server since I was 14. I’m just about to turn 17. I feel that I have used all the fun up as I get bored on creative and surivial. I believe it’s best for me not to go on much so that can potentially change. Furthermore, I’m in the middle of my A-levels, so I have a lot more work on my hands! I also have more trips like going to the Lake District for 4 days and only just getting back today 10 minutes ago.

I hope everyone understands, of course I will be on at least 2-3 times a week or possibly more but until I feel I’m all up to date I’ll remain to my new schedule.

Love you all!


Doesn’t worry me xD

Hope alll goes cool!

See you soon zwink!

I hope to see you soon, Zwinky. I have been wondering where you’ve been.

Hope to see ya soon boi!

Thanks for noticing!

Thanks for your kind comments I may be able to come on later today!

Hope to see you soon Zwinky! I will miss you but still look forward to the times I will see you!! =D