Inactivity (Cliche post, I know)

First off, Merry Christmas Eve to those who celebrate Christmas! And Happy Hanukkah or just a Happy Holidays :slight_smile:

So I’m about to pull one of those cliche posts that everyone makes about their inactivity blah blah blah. At first it was school. From August to October school took over and there was nothing I could do. I have two AP classes now and its hard to keep up with and be on my computer. But I had already made a post about this.

I was excited because I had thought that during Thanksgiving break and Christmas break that I would have been able to be on the whole time and get back into the swing of being on PCB. But November 17th my mom was rushed to the ER with a blood clot in her lungs. And on November 19th, she passed away. This all happened before my break and I spend the entirety of my Thanksgiving break grieving. And now we have to get through this break and its just been a very hard month. Getting through our first holidays without her have been hard, but we are really trying.

So I hope this helps clear up any confusion on why I was absent. But I am hoping that I can come back on and be apart of the community again. I miss you all and just need some normality and a constant in my life, this being that. Thank you all for your time and I miss you all to pieces. <33

We all miss you too (especially me), and im sorry about everything thats gone down. Myself and everyone else here are always going to be willing to help you out, and im glad youre making a comeback. Everything has been so difficult, which is okay, we understand that stuff happens. Im really excited to see my favorite person (sorry everyone else) around again

I miss you too Maddy but I completely understand you absence. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and I know it can be hard. =,( I hope you have an good holiday and keep your spearets high. I wish you and you family a safe and good holiday as well. We all know that some times life can get in the way of the things we love doing. Take the time that you need and we will all look forward to when you reaturn. <3

Maddy, I feel terrible about your mother’s loss. It’s worse to experience this during the holiday season. I hope you will have a heartwarming Christmas with us and your family. I hope to see you return to meet us again and I promise to make the best of the Winter season for you.

I have been trying to write this sentence for 10 minutes, and i think i have finally cracked it; I cant express myself in words for how much love and hope I send to you are your family. We haven’t met in person before but I know that i can consider you a close friend; you are one of the most caring and intelligent people I have ever come to contact with and I know the rest of our amazing community can agree with me.

Before we met, I always got confused when joe would say ‘MADDDYYY’ every time you would come one as previously I didn’t know who you was. I was soon to understand why, your AMAZING! I know you will make your family and your mum proud. Just to remember that she is always in your heart and she will always be proud no matter what you do when you grow up. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

p.s. we will get our streak back soon :slight_smile:

Happy Qwanza Maddy! Welcome Back we missed your spunk :stuck_out_tongue:

Maddy I and Whiteunicorn99 are so sorry for you devastating loss - nothing can replace her and she will always be with you - mums are very special.

I can fully understand as my mother passed some years ago and it takes the floor out from under you.

We send you our most loving thoughts and hope that you and your family remember all the good times you had with her, get through your first Christmas and start to heal…

She will be there always in your hearts.

Love you lots

Love you so much Maddy, and it was nice talking to you last night. You’re a real champ. I’m always on here or Insta if you need to talk.

<3 <3 <3

I love you and thank you for all the support you have given me. It means the world to me. <3

Thank you, Katy. I hope you have a good Christmas and I sure will keep my spirits high. <3

I hope to return soon. I miss you all bunches. Thank you so much brood, it means a lot to me. :slight_smile: <3

I love you zwinko. You are a really great friend and im glad to have you by my side. And we better get that streak back! We have lost it one too many times.

I missed you and your sass for sure. I love you bud <3

Thank you, so so much buster. We have never talked much but to get this support from you and Unicorn means a lot to me. Love you loads <333

I love you very very much Ferfy. I have missed you tons and it was amazing being able to talk with my buds again last night. Thank you for being here, means the world to me.

Maddy, I’m so incredibly sorry about your mom! I am here to help you in anyway you need! As of your absence on the server I think I can speak for everyone when I say, you are greatly missed, and take your time getting back online. There is no rush.
Love you Maddy!!! :-*