In need of a new skin!!!!

Ive recently decided to make my old RP character, Shadowmeire into my MC skin, but im absolutly horrible at making MC skins, is there anyway someone else could make one based on a couple old sketches of mine? i would really appreciate it!

If someone could make a skin that is to my liking, i can pay them in game. ill pay them with 11 diamond blocks in game.

Well, this is Shadowmeire: Please note the white streak, and the markings on the shoulder of the shirt.

His hair is black, green eyes, and the shirt is purple, with the markings being red. he wears beige pants, black boots.

Ill give it a go.

Edit: I tried. I failed.


anyone else wanna give this a go? i know this is going to be a hard skin to pull off, but anyone?

Uh, workin’ on it!


I will try it. I think I can pull it off. When I am done do you want me to email it to you?

just upload it on the server

I don’t know how to do that

either do .[.img]insert image url[./img].

(take all the periods out)

or hit attachments at the bottom of the reply box

ok I am guessing his skin is gray

… no hes caucasian

I am finished can you please give me your email I don’t understand how to upload it to the reply box

will that work?

upload it to somewhere like or then when its uploaded right click the image, click ‘Copy image URL’ then paste it into the reply box here.

Before that URL, type [img.] without the period.
After that URL, type [/img.] without the period.

Then click post.

i can’t even see the image. go ahead and take ouhais example thar

Ok I will try tomorrow and shadow since it has been such a hassle I am making it free. So you don’t have to pay me it’s ok.

As if he was offering to pay anyone in the first place…

I wish I could make good skins ;(

Wait, really?? I swear I read his post to make sure I was not spouting nonsense… I must have been really tired!

hahaa no worried Kyle.