In case you haven't noticed

Wassup PCB, it’s been about a solid week without connection to anything for me (besides my phone and basic things I can access from there). As the title suggests, you may have heard that I have been away; which is true. Y’all haven’t seen me this past week because my Mac’s hardrive decided to be a failure and make things difficult for me

~ Long story short, Hardrive somehow crashed, got virtually trapped into another part of the computer, making it inaccessible, which then put me in need of disk utility repair. (I do not know tech language, but I’ve been around the people fixing my mac all week and this is what i’ve gotten from it) Basically my mac’s serial # wasn’t transmitting signals to Apple which was not good because I needed to reinstall OS X, so I had to plan a meeting with Apple to get it fixed. All was well, they wanted to charge me; I backed away and my friend who works at an iRobot was able to fix it after determining further issues with Apple by downloading OS X to an external hardrive, rebooting my mac from that, and then recovering data since it decided to delete itself.

Literally, I just got this back about 3 hours ago. Most my music made it back to me (woo), however I’ve lost [or] am in the process of locating documents, pictures, some music I downloaded from the interwebz, any applications downloaded, etc. It’s gonna be a longggg week for me + I start school tomorrow/Wednesday so it’s gonna be crazy trying to restore my mac to the way it was on top of recovering lost files. I just wanted to let you guys know I’m not leaving PCB even though you have not seen me! I have a million things on top of my list of shit to get done, and right now Minecraft isn’t near the top. I’m aiming to be back to usual activity by the end of this weekend, or next weekend. So in no time you all will be seeing me soon, and by that I mean that perhaps I’ll clue you guys on PCB spoilers I’ve hinted at before in previous posts :wink:

pretends like I know what all of that means then says something techy but ya glad to have you back!

Good to see that you got your mac working again, I hope you’re able to get most if not all of your stuff back. I’ll be starting school myself on Thursday so I’ll know how you feel =P. Anyways it’s good to hear from you.

And you still accomplished more building than me this week.
This pretty much highlights my work ethic.

Miss you guys lots, at least I’m checkin in on the forums time to time for now until i have everything in order! And yes Crass I suppose that shows how eager I am to come back o:

I have been gone too! I am glad things are starting to come together. XD have fun at school!

Without a doubt, that technical explanation sounds like complete BS. OS X can, but does not have to, send information regarding your system and serial number etc. to Apple (it’s not a fatal issue). Getting your hard drive “virtually stuck” is possible if somehow the mount point changed, but that’s pretty much impossible from day-to-day use. However, it’s a fairly simple fix that shouldn’t take more than an hour if you know what you’re doing. Hope you didn’t pay too much to have it fixed, or else someone was essentially ripping you off.

Hope to see you around the server sometime too. ;D

Didn’t know you were gone because I can’t come on in the mornings anymore :’( u betta com bak fo mi

It’s way more complex then however you’re interpreting and it’s beyond my reach to explain the complexity. Everything is already fixed it’s just a matter of recovering files now and reorganizing my stuff. By the way it took 3 days to install os x on an external hardrive, reboot, recover, and reinstall. Thx for your concern but it was a lot of stress to get everything in order.