In 2 Days is my Birthday!

Hi, It´s me Andre today is July 10th and on Tuesday, July 12th it´s my birthday and i turn 13. Anyone wanted to do a party? XD

if u want send me a PM for my Birthday :3


Ayyyyyy m8 happy birthday! My brother’s 21st birthday is on the 12th as well

Have fun!

Happy birthday for in 2 days. I love you King Unicorn!! xxxxxxxxxxx <3

Congratulations on reaching a whole number of years without dying!
Here’s to another whole number!

Don’t you think that’s a bit premature? He hasn’t managed it yet. What if he didn’t, you would look very silly then, wouldn’t you?

dont die in the next two days Andre, please and thank you.

Congrats, young one! If I pop up online on Tuesday, we could have a snowball fight for you to have a chance to get revenge for your snowball torture today. (:

Happy Birthday, Andre. I will celebrate with you when you are on the server, again.

For @YeshyYeshiam: Really? That´s Great! :smiley:
For @Asmodean_: Yep, but im still young and I wont die :stuck_out_tongue:
For @jmvvana: I will not die thank god if i die in front of ur IRL eyes you will be crying of me :frowning:
For @ElydoreMD: Yea a snowball fight will be fun XD.
For @BroodingSet: Thanks. I will be on during these 2 days :smiley:

Thanks guys :smiley:


Yayyyy!!! Happy Birthday Andre! =D Congratz on another year! And welcome to the teen age years!! =D (At least 13 is the start of a teen in the US. Not sure if other country’s do it differently?)

::cracks knuckles::
Challenge accepted. :wink:

July 11th 2016, 11:00 am:

Andre says:

One Day Left For my Birthday and 11 days for whb’s birthday :stuck_out_tongue: