I have something that bothers me really bad, and it probably bothers others too. The thing is when you are looking through posts you see a hhhhheeeellllpppp post and you look through it and you find a solution to it in the comments but the little sign is still the papers. If the person finds a solution to his post can they please change the sign to resolved, so others wouldn’t look through it an extra time.

Thank You
God Bless

Thats a thread icon… and as far as I can tell you cant change them. I dont even know how something like this can bother someone. O.O

Yes you can change them, however, they are so insignificant that few people actually bother to use them.

hard, it may not bother u but, u should consider others views

Red, it may not bother you, but you should consider other peoples views.
(Do you see what I did there? )
The icon function isn’t used much, its mainly used for decoration. Personally I don’t know how this can bother Vlad, but I guess it can be some sort of pet peeve. My pet peeve is when people use “u” instead of “you”, I don’t complain about it, but yet I still notice it. I would also like to point out, this is a gaming forum. Not a help forum, we don’t go in and lock a question thread once it’s resolved. Sure it would be a little cleaner, and by little I mean minuscule, but it would quite tedious and would most players would forget to change it to a resolved icon. So all in all, its something that should just be ignored. And besides, most people don’t even use icons anyway.

I agree with you completely, i just think sometimes the way people work things can seem a little direct. Just don’t want people to dislike you when you seem like a nice guy :).

*but it would be quite tedious and most players would forget to change it to a resolved icon.

My pet peeve is people missing out words.