Imlegos' tekkit ban appeal

So i was on tekkit on 2/20/13 and i got banned for ‘harasment’ by brodur becuase i was blackmailing piehole and have ‘stolen’ a saphire sword I made from cally and just to give more info fatso alowed me to blackmail him so did liam now may i ask that i be unbanned and given my stuff back >:(

You do realise you have been walking on thin ice ever since you broke into robin’s, this was just the final straw on the end of a string.

Lol, I like that, I am the evil mastermind behind all this!

But no, I allowed you to have your stuff back from a zone that was protected by pie, I used the logblock to check and indeed it seemed like it was yours. Liam however specifically told you about his feelings of your blackmailing plot, he spoke out against it, dont you dare lie about that.
To be honest I hoped that you would of been able to settle this with pie in a pm or chat online.
Instead you worked up some sort of plan to black mail him with the items I returned to you, claiming that because I gave you them back that you had the right to use them as a blackmail.

Not TOO many people can really get under my skin and annoy me like you did, for that I am oddly proud of you. So proud that I wanted it to be me to ban you… but ill settle for bro doing it <3

TL;DR… Nope.

Now i somewhat feal like trying to track down a master greifer to destroy everything.

I’m sorry, I know I’m not directly involved with this ban, but Legos… I suggest if you want unbanned then you should apologize, instead of threaghtening to get a “griefer” to grief the server.

Appologise for???

I agree with Anima, and yeah, there’s a Techina Message Board at the town for things like this, in which I asked you to not have a claim in the middle of the factory, I wouldn’t have minded if you made your own house, but you were holding up the building process on the factory and I gave you around 3-5 days to move it, even built around it for a while. Well, glad you’ve made up your mind at least, there’s almost nothing lower than getting someone else to grief a server for you.

Correction, nothing lower.

It wasen’t my claim it was robins!

Hm, sorry about that I guess then. I’ll need to talk with Robin about the matter then. He seems a lot more civilized than threatening to send a griefer in. Wait, did you place a chest there?

I placed 2 chests for a quarry in robins claim

Hm, okay, well, you still did all the things mentioned above… so, guess that’s it, farewell.

I hate this.

so no way of being unbanned?

I know im not directly related to this, but i want to say a couple things and i wont post unless i am called upon.

First off, legos, you made a horrible mistake saying you are gonna get a master griefer. Because the next major griefer may get you ip banned from the server.

Secondly, you still have the classic server to play on. Dont ruin your chances with that. Along with the first thing, You may get banned if there is a major griefer on the classic server just because you said

Now i somewhat feal like trying to track down a master greifer to destroy everything.
Sometimes you should keep things too yourself and have no one but you, and/or the person you spoke to know. Your chances of being ip banned on both servers are quite high now.

Also, You are probably walking on thin ice on the smp/cmp just because of that one comment

just my .02c

Banned from survival/creative.

Legos, you’re just digging yourself deeper in this rut by saying STUPID things like this.


You know what I hate most? When people lie. I know for a fact that fatso nor Liam would EVER let someone blackmail someone else. And in your anger you say that you’re going to get a griefer to get revenge? You should know that saying these types of things will NEVER help you in a ban appeal. In a ban appeal you are suppose to give us reasons to unban you and not demand to be unbanned or threaten us. what you have done legos discusts me and imo you don’t deserve to be unbanned.

Appeal denied. Locked.

Going to lighten the mood here.