im srry

guys i want to tell you that im srry
im srry for starting the war between FCA and fryer city
im srry to imlegos for unwanted pvp
im srry for being a jerk to nick_inc
im srry for all that other stuff :frowning:
and im srry im an asshole

im also srry for never being an actual friend because ik you guys hate me :frowning:

  1. Spiral stop Double-posting. Edit previous comments.
  2. I’m not sure what specifically Spiral has been banned for, but if it was from the “Fryer-City/Caprica” incident from two days ago, he should be unbanned. The participants were given 1-day temp bans by Ka_52, and people were unable to get back on without assistance rendered by asking on the dynamap. Perhaps spiral was forgotten to be unbanned?
  3. If it is not this incident, I would vouch for Spiralvenom in that I don’t think he should remain banned just based on what i’ve generally seen of his character. Nonetheless, I could be wrong, as I do not know the crime. It would be useful to know the specifics of the case of “harassment”.

He was banned for another reason. Spiral please post relevant content in your first thread;topicseen#new