Im sick of the shit guys.

In case you were wondering, yes, this is one of my famous rage posts, that has not been seen in about half a year.

I understand that a lot of you are upset with Ninja, and i also understand that he has been shaping up his game.
With that being said, regardless if you think he is a dick, or sucks ass as a operator, he is a fucking operator, and needs to be treated as one.

In case you haven’t noticed, i’ve been gone because i honestly can’t deal with much more of the bs or the drama that has been circling the server lately, but tonight i got a very disturbing message from ninja that had something to do with the dumbest crap i’ve heard in the 3 years i’ve been on this server.

Apparently people are getting on TS to get onto Oovoo… idk why that would make a difference, and i really dont care about that. What i do care about is the fact that ninja asked you to please leave, concerned that it may effect Teamspeak. he gave several of you warnings to either go into AFK or leave TS if your not going to use it, and said if you would not, that he would kick.

Now sure, there may have not been a real reason, but if he says to do something, fucking do it as if it was me. Hes an operator wether you like it or not, and hes not going anywhere. He is honestly too valuable to the server.

I have also BANNED NIKO for being the most disrespectful asshat i’ve ever seen on here, and he will be lucky if i decide to unban him, cause i’ve heard from several staff of him being disrespectful on TS and im honestly sick of the shit.

Now ive got more people on my shitlist to address, please discuss this BS here. im done with the drama, if i hear of this again i will be banning more people.

This is drama? This is just childish. I agree that Niko should have respected staff. He deserved his ban just now. What I mean by childish, is the fact that we had an issue over people being logged into the TS server and not talking/using it.

The easiest solution is to enable an auto-AFK channel switch or a kick after 20 minutes of no activity.

Cleaning out the users in the TS is a matter of preference IMO. It does not hurt anything, but it can seem like clutter. Some people feel more strongly about cleaning it up.

im talking about the drama in general, but ill agree with you that it may be childish. im just sick of something always popping up around here like clockwork

Ok well I will be the first to come clean. “Ninja I want you to know that I am sorry If I disrespected you in any way and that you will please forgive me. I should know better than that and I am truly sorry.” As for the drama I could not agree more this server does have a attitude and this is why I think we could use all the staff help we can get, to get this server back in shape. I also think that Kyle is right we need a auto afk thing to kick people into the afk channel after 10-20 min.

True. I’ve been on PCB for a week now and I’ve seen many disrespectful things happen :(. I remember when was a moderator on another forum, people were griefing and bullying staff, so in the end I had to ban someone…
People these days are so childish…
Also, the owner (my friend) also wen on a rage, in the end I had to calm him down. I agree that Niko should be banned and I also think that new regulations should be put in place.

I would just like to point out ninja, please don’t just call people by where they live, for example calling vaio by “indian lady” is also another issue of respect. Now getting back onto the main topic, people need to be respectful, we try to be respectful to the lower people and that’s all would like in return. I would also like to thank godsjedi, even if you were doing wrong you did come clean and apologise, but whether the other people wish to punish you for it, i don’t know, but i still see you as an honest person

This right here is the thing that nearly led me to permanently quit pcb in general. I hoped that when i was gone, this shit would sort itself out. It obviously didnt.

I think that anyone who disrespects staff should be temp banned for a week depending on how bad it is. And if staff disrespect players or anyone underneath them, they get demoted and/or temp banned for a week also depending on how bad it is. Guys, this should not be happening. This is all bull shit. Get your fucking act together or fucking leave.

Lol that respect issue. Once again, staff disrespect people and its like nothing is done about it. A member that disrespects staff and they are banned. I’m sorry, but I’m nearly on my last edge to take a damn break from this server. Never in the 3 years that I’ve been here have I seen such a hype about ranks, bans, and consequences. I’ve stayed in this community long enough to know this by far one of the best communities out there and I’d love to see it’s glory come back…I don’t feel it anymore tbh.

Fact of the matter @Shadowmeire628 it’s not just you, and it’s certainly not just Ninja that are sick and exhausted about this ongoing drama. I hope anybody reading this realizes that people are still not going to get over Ninja keeping his rank while Niko has to be punished for something that anybody would say to Ninj. I’ve done my part, Ninj is on my /ignore once more. I cant deal with the sucking up and “trying to be nice” thing. He can’t regain my respect back sorry but it takes a lot to really piss me off with somebody and I’ve been brought up in life to exclude all negativity from my life and only worry and acknowledge the positive things. It’s hard to do that when everyone is still complaining about this unfair injustice. I can’t express enough how embarrassed I am to have to be the one OP taking the risks of losing respect from others just to stick up for the people who simply don’t have the decency to bother voicing their opinions. Can’t express how disappointed that everything is still ongoing weeks after weeks.

~Don’t be surprised if one day you just don’t see me online for 2 weeks. This shit is embarrassing to talk about and generally puts me down.


Completely agreed. When the Staff disrespect someone, nothing happens. As soon as some trusted or member comes up and disrespects them, it’s a ban. The member’s and Trusted can’t ban, but staff can. In my eyes, we’re all equal, and you shouldn’t punish someone for something you are doing too. I think Niko should be unbanned, because in all honesty, just about EVERYONE here has disrespect someone. I honestly used to like this server, but honestly as of late I feel like it’s just fallen apart. When I first joined, I thought it was the best community ever. I honestly don’t like it anymore, and I just want to quit for good. There’s only about 3 people who are making me stay on, because they’re my friends. If it wasn’t for them, I would have left all y’all by now. If I ain’t on for a while, don’t be surprised.

I honestly belive that something like this is what is bringing down this comunity. If a staff disrespects a member/trusted they should have the same punishment as members and trusted do, and btw if theres multiple people that are complaining about a staff member it means that they are not doing thair job how it’s suposed to be done. I mean come on! Open your eyes! And before someone comes and starts “you don’t know what it’s like to be a staff member” and shit it’s not that hard! All you have to do is make sure everyone is having a great experiense while playing on the server and end conflicts that are gonna happen not to cause more of them.

Pos, have you ever been a staff member? IF so, then if that’s your attitude to being staff, then I will prove you wrong, as being staff can be difficult at times, such as when you have to sort out a feud between someone you like, and someone you dislike, it’s very hard to do the right thing, would you bring yourself to ban your best mate from the server? Because many decisions are hard when you are staff, and sometimes that means upsetting many people, but if it’s the right thing, then it has to be done. However when staff start abusing their power, and disrespecting other people, I do not think that they should be part of the staffing team, unless that can radically change, and prove it in a short space of time. And I heard some people saying about how ninja is trying to change, and how he is actually all right now.

Right, now that that’s out, have a nice day everyone!


Completely agreed. When the Staff disrespect someone, nothing happens. As soon as some trusted or member comes up and disrespects them, it's a ban. The member's and Trusted can't ban, but staff can. In my eyes, we're all equal, and you shouldn't punish someone for something you are doing too. I think Niko should be unbanned, because in all honesty, just about EVERYONE here has disrespect someone. I honestly used to like this server, but honestly as of late I feel like it's just fallen apart. When I first joined, I thought it was the best community ever. I honestly don't like it anymore, and I just want to quit for good. There's only about 3 people who are making me stay on, because they're my friends. If it wasn't for them, I would have left all y'all by now. If I ain't on for a while, don't be surprised.

Ok so I haven’t been here as long as most of you have. And I’m sure some of you don’t really know who I am, which is ok; however I wish to state my opinion, which I hope it doesn’t offend anyone.

Everyone battles disrespect in every community from members to members, mods to mods, to mods to members. It seems like its been an on going issue here at PCB. And I wish everyone would understand its not about you being disrespected, it how you handle it afterwards. We like to justify our reasoning for banning but in reality how many times should each of you have been banned for disrespecting other staff or members in general.

If the roles had been reversed and ninja was a member and nicko was a mod. Would we react the same way if nicko banned ninja? The proof is in the screen cap, you can clearly see ninja using a form of racisim by calling Vaio the “indian lady”. And yet he isn’t banned for what he stated, perhaps it was a joke or a mistake to write it, and yet Nicko was banned for a same written mistake.

I enjoy going on TS and meeting some people whom I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to. You get to know the people on the server are not just a pixalated version, but real friends. I understand that this channel is PCB related. I just can’t comprehend why ninja or anyone else for this matter would be concerned about moving to the AFK channel. I get it, you want it look neat or whatever, but honestly most people stay within their own channels that are password protect so you can’t join with them. And yet this is allowed, but ninja was concerned over people going AFK?

No offence but I think priorities need to be set up, perhaps a general rule for TS that all members/mods could read before joining in. If you start from the bottom and work your way up, things will change, if you continue of this path nothing will change.

I think this needs to be locked before it gets out of hand like the colours/chair mod threads, as it is going that way. Just my opinion, but I don’t think the server needs another one of these.

The reason nothing happens is at the end of the day:

[ul][li]We are staff[/li]
[li]You are not staff[/li][/ul]
That’s pretty much it. We are staff, and in charge of the server. There are certain rules that we do have to obey, but some we can’t obey. Sometimes you need to tell somebody that they are an absolute dick. It’s not okay to say that to staff, but we sometimes have to say that that to others.
Would you walk up to a police officer, tell them to put their hands above their head and handcuff them? No! Would the police do that to you? Yes. They’re the police.

The job of staff is simple. Actually achieving it is fucking hard. That’s why all staff have to go through at LEAST 2 reviews to be permanent staff.


octo’s pretty serious aboutt his subject, he actually swore…

What a great reason.

Thank you for clarifying for us that staff is aloud to disrespect us because the fact of being staff

octo is falling a bit out of line because he didn’t get the general idea. (just ignore him for now)

This is a problem that will always rise and fall.
Staff work hard and get exhausted from the constant people that are watching their littlest moves.
Of course disrespecting Anyone is not allowed but do understand that when someone Invokes Irritation and hate it will always backfire and that is what a big amount of people don’t understand.
Before starting any type of discussion that heads even the smallest bit in the direction which this topic is going think about the other party please.

Neither was right and neither was wrong. The higher staff will figure stuff out when it is needed.
if you guys find something is being done Wrong just report it more and it will get noticed and not bottle it all up till something like this happens and then explode as if it always was a problem.

React earlier to what is happening and do something instead of waiting till there is a problem and create a massive problem.

I want people to think more. Lately more people don’t even try understand what kind of hardships staff go through.

If no one listens someone has to take the job if being the “bad” guy.

In the end what staff really are, are the people that really wanted to help the server. And while working hard they often only get seen for the tiny things that go wrong. Every staff member is dedicated to improving the overall Community.

Everyone Learn to look Beyond what you only see and take a good look around the forums and see what is happening.

If someone would kindly lock this now. So people can have a time to think about what happened and not react angrily about what was posted before.

Well said.


I know this is locked, but I need to get this off my chest…

Octo, however much you believe stuff like that, don’t say it in front of everyone. It pisses people off.

I see where you are coming from, but you said that in completely the wrong way.

Yes, we have to do stuff sometimes that we wouldn’t like done to us, and say shit to people we wouldn’t want people to say to us, but that’s only SOME OF THE TIME. What you wrote makes it sound like we can do it whenever the hell we want. Which is not true.

I believe that respect comes 2 ways. As staff, we have to give respect to anyone and everyone, for at least a while. If someone is a dick to you, then you can be a dick back, but if you are a dick to everyone straight off, they have every right to be a dick to you.

Give respect, get respect. It’s so fucking simple guys.