I'm Really Bored :(

Is someone online who is willing to talk to me because im seriously bored right now.

Welcome to the club

Cool im not really used to this place onlystarted going on herelast week but i think i hav finally worked it out scratches head but seriously THIS PLACE IS SO CONFUZZLING. You need a tutorial or a handy “how to use this website” page :stuck_out_tongue:

The website isnt that complicated xD

You’ll get used to it, don’t worry.

It seems very complicated at first, but once you figure things out, its actually pretty simple.

So what random topic can we talk about? When i say we i mean me and myself here in my depressing life of loneliness :slight_smile:

I’m feeling lonely as well :-\

If you guys want teamspeak still works so I would recommend that. If you dont have it just search up teamspeak and download it.

Once you have it just click the little “ts” button on the top right of this page next to the facebook and twitter symbols.

I’ll be on shortly, I’ll bring my good friend #Sass with me :slight_smile:

omg same! Its so boring now adays

What are you guys doing right now?/ where r u?
I’m in bed… totally… umm… trying to get to sleep…

Someone answer meeeeeee

I’m getting ready for midterms so noting really exciting going on with me

pleeease tell me that means em