I'm rage quiting pcb

My sis made me lose everything i had so i’m ragequiting the server

What did you lose? Perhaps we can try to replace what you lost?

yeah dont ragequit because u lost ur stuff :frowning:



I lost a eff 3 and unbreacking 3 D-pick a d-axe d-shovel with eff 2 d-sword d-boots feather falling 2 d-leggings d-chestplate d-helmet blast protection 2 and 42 obsidean

Well I spent the last hour trying to convince you to stay. So you better stay my friend. It took you a month to get those diamonds and things… It won’t takeyou that long to get them back. :slight_smile:

I’m sure ppl in the community will help you to get similar or the same things back. Semi has lots of xp, ask him for some :wink:

So you lost
Eff 3/Unbreaking 3 pickaxe
Eff 2 shovel
Feather falling 2 boots
Blast protection 2 helmet
All diamond, Totals to 36 diamonds lost, 42 obsidian, and maybe equal to about 60 levels of xp?
If you want, you can use my private duel zombie xp farm, Gets you to level 30 in about 20 minutes. You can also have one of my good picks, Eff IV for mining obby, or a Fortune 3 for mining diamonds?

geez please dont rage quit over some diamonds. im sure the community will help :slight_smile:

Its actually pretty hard to find diamonds on the server. The border limits the other land to obtain diamonds. I only have about 8 diamonds. Got them in like 5 weeks >.>

You do realise how huge our map is right? You can even buy them from the market if need be

Its so easy to find diamonds! You just have to know where to mine, Mine at level 8 or 9 in a straight path in like an uninhabited area, you should get at least 10 in a hour, but with a fortune 3 you will get loads.

Pleeease dont leeeave…

my thoughts exactly, when i go mining with my level 3, i get so many im usually handing them out to the other miners that go with me, just cause i would feel horrible if they went for nothign. you can ask _Andy, Liam and Ouhai. im usually bringing back about 32 diamonds for myself, while i make sure others get aroun 13 or so…

yeah hope ya gets your stuff back lego :slight_smile:

P.s. : Awesome profile picture _andy Castle Crashers FTW! :stuck_out_tongue: +1

I like iron :stuck_out_tongue: