I'm not dead, once again.

Update on myself;

As of recent, my mom got evicted out of her apartment due to noise ordinances and such, so I was stuck moving to a friends house until I was able to find a new place to live. Spent countless week worrying and stressing over my situation and doing everything I could to find a home. I’m happy to say I’m not set up at my new apartment which I share with one of my childhood friend. My internet is active as of a few days ago, and I have now acquired a puppy and have been busy dealing with moving in, working and training my puppy. I’m not dead and will be active as of very soon again since I go unemployed due to winter very soon. The Halloween event must go on, we will celebrate Halloween sometime later this year on a special day, which will give us more time to get everything done, especially since I died over night. I will be back to working and helping players hopefully within the next week. I miss all of you, and have not forgotten about anyone! :slight_smile: See you all very soon,
Love, Kurry!

Anyways, it’ll be great when we can have you back ;D

I know your life is more important but I miss you kurry

I think I’ve seen the puppy from just about every angle thanks to facebook :slight_smile:

I miss you so much!! I am so glad to hear that things for you are improving. <3



I'm happy to say I'm [b]not[/b] set up at my new apartment
I'm assuming that's supposed to say now? :P

WE MISS YOU </3 Glad to hear (and see, as Peter said) that things are improving for you. :smiley:

We misssss you </3 Coooome back to uuus!

And you. You come back too. </3

Monday is my last day of work.
also, here’s Boxxy, my doge.


Dude, I know. I’m so obsessed.

OMG that dog is adorable !?

It’s ugly.