Okay, hey guys, it’s honeygirl here, and I’m a new member on projectcitybuild.com… You might or might not have talked to me on the servs, but I’m introducing myself here, now. :slight_smile:
A few things you should probably know about me.
-I’m rather new at minecraft, so bear with me, please…
-I’m a fast builder, but the majority of the things i build are classic, and not very special.
-I need people to explain to me a few fun tips I can use in the servs so i can help update them with you!
-Please, be nice. I’m weird…
oh, and recently, I have been banned. I don’t exactly know why, but a message keeps popping up when I want to log into the server…:
“connection refused: connect”
Can someone help me…? :frowning:

Few things wrong.

A. If you want to be unbanned make a ban appeal.
B. You posted this in the wrong section for the wrong server also
C. If you are saying hi to everyone use the “Hello World” section.


super sorry about that…
I’m still new to using pcb, so… yeah. my apologies… :expressionless:

Honey you are not banned, the sever has crashed and no one can log in, Wait till the owner, _andy, wakes up to fix it :smiley:

then how can i get back on the servs? :\

Welcome to the community! And andy better wake up soon lol im bored XD

Like I said, The sever owner _andy will fix it. You have to wait it out until _andy gets around to it.

sorry about that. My computer is experiencing some bad lag, so… i didn’t really get to see that post until i posted my comment…
thanks for the tip. ;D

True but if it isn’t reaching the server in the first place then it won’t. I haven’t been banned but it should normally nd if it doesn’t then I need to modify my code for it. Both servers are down right now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome! nice to see other people signing on! =D
The main servers are down till _andy wakes up, time zones and all that means that he’s morning is my night etc., also the classic is up, a almost forgotten server XD. Don’t look at the main page for the classic server as that is wrong most of the time (due to mcforge technical difficulties) but just so you know the main two servers should be up in around 2-5 hours.

Welcome To The Server!

Hope to see you on the server!

Sorry guys, my net’s been down for 2 days and wasn’t able to reboot the server. Specialk would have rebooted it