I'm leaving for a while.

Hey guys…

Soo, I am going to be gone for quite some time. Grand theft auto 5 is coming out this week, and that is going to keep me occupied for quite some time untill battlefield 4 comes out… So I won’t be on minecraft as much. I’m sorry guys, i’d stay on mc longer to hang with you guys, but lately i’ve become bored of minecraft. I still want to keep in touch with you all, sooo if you want you can add me on facebook or skype? If you guys ever need me on for an emergency or something, you can always contact me on there since i am always on facebook and skype. ORRR if you just wanna chat about how cool you are, then just add me (:

Skype - kfaizk
FB - https://www.facebook.com/faiz.kanash
Please consider adding me :3

I hope you guys have fun without me, since I haven’t been very productive lately s:
I will see you all soon! I love you all <3

Edited: Wait, you were on before?!?, well I have barely seen you on and if you were on only for like a few minuets. Well hope you have fun doing what ever ya do, the server will be fine so no need to worry. We will miss you in game but it will be okay cause now we have all these sources to contact you through.

What the heck was that Ninja? That was rude.

I, for one, will miss you. I still wish the assassins creed builds could be expanded on. Maybe make something for Revelations?

Ninja, you’re about as tactful as a brick…

Ymb, come back, we can make pirate towns for Black Flag

<3 Steam. Get steam. Be on steam. I have steam. I use steam to talk to people. Steam.

Hmm… Let us all remake Constantinople! Haha!

With a side note as well, since my town i have been working on will not see much production, anyone wish to take over it while I’m gone? You can have free building reign over it, do whatever you like, just dont make it ugly.

Ehh… Nou

I was meaning to ask you if it and your manor could perhaps be used for some pvp/pvm/ctf games? I’m working on making some arenas for that purpose and the manor would work well as a small map :smiley: (It would be copied and pasted elsewhere to be used, but I need coords. :o )

First off… It is NOT a manor, it is a palace! Secondly, sure <3


you’re both wrong its a Villa…

Get your shizz right!

sniff sniff

I will be missing you, my lil cake…

But none the less, enjoy yourself and have fun! ^-^

Miss you dude! Have fun with all your shiz! And don’t worry I can make your towns all nice!

(added you on FB and adding you on skype when I finished school

ymb u also waiting for BF 4 lol
if i wait a little longer i can have it for free (friend - friend - brother who develop the game connection)

Do you have twitter ymb?

With so many people waiting for BF4 (myself included), it would be cool if we could get on a for a few games. Like everyone on PCB who has BF4. Thoughts?

Nope, there’s no cross platform support D:

This is the GTA launch at Midnight in Australia. Have fun playing ymb!




The cheapest place is selling it for $79. Not so lucky as you.

I’m not getting it until next monday, £40.99 for me.