I'm Jules167 but in game I'm Sparky0221


I’m back from my hiatus and I found a weird problem that I don’t really know how to fix.

Years and years and years ago my original MC account name was Sparky0221, but I guess when MC switched to Microsoft it broke my account and I had to change it to Jules167, and that’s who you’ve known me as for these past few years.

For some reason, my MC account name was reverted back to Sparky0221, and I’ve lost my rank and warps and everything. I know you can’t give me back my warps and homes-- that’s fine-- but I was wondering if you could make my Sparky0221 account back to Trusted?

If you have any information to help me revert back to Jules167, that would be awesome. But if not, I’ll just have to do the dirty work to get my homes back and if you are able to, revert this account back to Trusted if it’s allowed.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it <3

Hey, welcome back!

You were Trusted and Donator previously I think? I’ve given you both ranks.

You’ll need to run the command /sync in game and follow the process to link your Minecraft account to your forum account. Once that’s done, your rank will automatically update :slight_smile:

Thanks Mann <3

ayy wb