Im in need of assistance...

Sooooo, i got a new computer thats just amazing, 10x better than my other one, but i can’t seem to play minecraft properly… Like, it crashes randomly in the middle of me playing. It usually occurs like 5 min after I join a server, the client would just completely destroy itself and just disappear! Its really obnoxious… Minecraft runs soooooo smoothly now, but i guess i can only enjoy that for 5min, anyway i can fix it? Thanks pals

Update graphics drivers if you can. What graphics card, and what processor?

Allocating RAM could also potentially cause some instability, but at the same rate could help.

Does this happen on vanilla minecraft or with mods? You could also see if optifine helps.

i has a nvidia GeForce GT 530 and a Intel I7

Update the graphics card driver, this happened on my old card (which was in the process of dying when that happened). My screen would go black, and sometimes it would recover and others the whole computer would crash.

I assume you have Windows 7 64bit so heres a nice little link:

Thanks sippers i love you <3

yep :smiley: