I'm having problems with minecraft in general...

Hey guys, it’s just honeygirl here; i haven’t been able to get on multiplayer servers for a while, and I was hoping that you guys could help me out here…

so… theres this thing thats blocking me from getting on any server; Here’s the
problem: Internal exception: Java.net.SocketException: Connection Reset

It would be AMAZING if someone could tell me how to fix this, step by step (that is, if someone’s dealt with this before :().

The servers haven’t updated to 1.2. yes just want for a week or 2.

We all can’t go to servs.

if you have updated to 1.2 already then you won’t be able to get on unless you download the MC 1.1 .jar file. Myth is currently looking for one. if it has been since before that i would reccomend either shutting down the whole computer and seeing if that helps. other than that you may wanna redownload you MC client.

I can’t quite think of anything else that would be able to stop you from logging into a server other than if you have been using the pre-releases. If you don’t have the 1.1 jar then like shadow said, i am looking for a good legal source to download that. It may be a while because most of the websites are blocked at my school.

Use nostalga if its updated for it. It can downgrade a more recent update to a older one through ?legal? means.

haha… yeah not even sure if ther is a LEGAL way to go about it, but do whatever you can. i think this ^ will work

MCNostalgia IS LEGAL. Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/800346-tool-mcnostalgia-202/

thanks for the tips. I’ll try them as soon as I possibly can.
I’ll get back to the post when i get my results.