Im Gonna Be On PCB ! :)

       Ill be seeing you guys in a few days! I was banned from the server because some stupid op banned me for blowing him up. The op got demoted and i was let back on. I said no since i hate the CTF server now. Time to go back to PCB. YEAHHH! Before i go back on PCB i will say goodbyes to my friends like losadewt (he is a PCB member!) forget about saying goodbye Im going on the server TODAY!

:frowning: OH I SEE! When you get banned THATS when you wanna come back… tsk tsk tsk… Lol jk but welcome back andy :stuck_out_tongue:

im gonna make an intelligent post here:


And thats why you dont leave for other servers. Trust me we got it pretty good here, we take it for granted.

Why, how intelligent and insightful of you sword, :wink: but heres something that would be even more intelligent and insightful:

lolwut? :stuck_out_tongue:

we do?

hey that op only banned me since I kept going to their spawn point and blowing them up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure… and we don’t ban for that here as well? I mean, it sounds like you were harassing an OP. Anyway, we welcome you back as long as you don’t blow anything important up. So go ahead and blow up SpecialK. He still have that bounty?

Gamer, I just noticed your sig and it made me lol. Clever girl…

yeah, being funny and clever is something im good at. :stuck_out_tongue: But that just came to me. after I stopped feeling all sad and stuff, i just thought of making it into a sig. And if you like it, you should… cough cough commend me… cough :wink:

woahhhh its CTF your supposed to blow people up with tnt. well I’m glad I’m back :slight_smile:

Eh maybe u blew him up everywhere he looked and he got frustrated :stuck_out_tongue: