I'm going to leave PCB for a while...

Hello, Today i’m going to take a break from PCB for a while until the map resets on July so, I will miss, whbilbo, jmvvana, Vexnorz, Claudia, Fireconnor, lyoko42, delak and other ppl more…

I got to say this. I will be off from PCB from April to July (3 months) when the map resets I will be back and start a new city. Is called Seattle. I’ll miss u so much guys :wink:

P.S: The leaving will start tomorrow


I hope to see you soon, Andre. We’ll be waiting!!

So sad to see you leave! Hope to see you soon!

Just FYI, there is no planned reset in July. Hope you’ll be back soon.

But tomorrow is April.

Anyway, not sure about the map reset, have not heard that myself, But in any case, see you soon.

Awww Thank You, Guys. I hope u guys are thinking about me because I’m off but, Thanks!

P.S: what? then when is the reset???

2nd P.S: Madant, on Caracas its April 2nd XD


who will be incharge of oakland while you are away? and have a good trip

Who’s in Charge of den city? :wink:

Cya man! We’ll miss ya :disappointed:


How can we prevent him from checking in for 3 months?
Let’s hold a bet if he comes back in the mean time or not?

@whbilbo lyoko And Fire will be in charge of Oakland, and please send me mails if he’s copying something from ur builds.
Because i will remove him. Don’t worry keep watching Lyoko while he’s on whb :wink:



Have fun away from PCB and we hope to see you soon! You have been a good friend to me and lots of other people on the server and we will miss you!

I hope to see you soon buddy :wink:

i can ban him for 3 months

-… You’re kidding right, wooly?

-Thanks Sam!

I hope you have a good three months Andre. Oakland won’t be the same without you. Whbilbo, Lyoko, and Fire, make sure no one blows up Oakland while Andre is gone.

I will be off from PCB from April to July (3 months) when the map resets...

Not to burst your bubbles Andre, but the Creative map will most likely still be unchanged.

Here's how many days we've been on the 8th Creative Map (July 7, 2015): 6 months, 3 days. There's no need for resetting the world. The 7th Creative Map went on to be 2 years old! This map should deserve it's time at PCB. The 8th Creative Map is here to stay.

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy your time away from Project City Build, Andre. :slight_smile:

Like Brooding say. No One Destroys Oakland or Touching except Lyoko or Fire when im gone…

But Lyoko and Fire Could Operate Oakland, just those 2. But whbilbo can watch to Lyoko if he’s COPYING from Portland while he’s on. I will remove you lyoko if i see mails from whbilbo of complaints when u copied his builds. :smiley:

P.S: I’ll stop making replies tomorrow…


I will miss you Andre. I will be looking foward too when you come back! Have a nice time away! =D

See you soon


I can’t support my 3 months w/o playing PCB i love it so much so, Im going to delete 2 months away and i’ll be back

on May 1st… (It Hurts me staying away from you guys 3 months D:)


yay won the bet