Im Sick and tired of FCA and FC ruining play for me and everyone else by saying they let me be a government worker and then they secretly decide to keep me out of office.Im done, if no one replies saying I cant leave then ill stay. No replies, im GONE. >:(

Look Jx, I gave you another chance. And you unfortunately messed up by attacking Robin. You said you didn’t want to, but you did it. You didn’t want to, nor did you HAVE to. You also did bomb Farcoast a while back. You were also very disrespectful while you were in the FCA. Once again, I gave you another chance and you blew it in one day. If you leave, that is your decision. I will not object against it. So have a great life and Goodbye. o/

No one is secretly trying to keep you from getting a job in Farcoast, you can blame your actions for that. I offered you another chance when we update to 1.7, and then you declare war and attack me. PCB doesn’t revolve around Farcoast, there are plenty of other things to do, so I don’t see the reasoning in leaving. Either way, it’s your decision as to what you want to do.

u can always start for urself… no need to always follow other =)

JX, they have given you many opportunities, but you always end up either threatening people or rejecting. You don’t have to leave, and we aren’t making any of your decisions either. I just think this is rather immature, if you don’t like FCA, start your own empire, who knows? You could make it. Not everything is about FCA. And if you wanted a chance, you could have controlled yourself and not attack and threatening people, because that right there is never going to get you no where. Not everyone gets what they want. Life isn’t always fair, its life. Now lets all be happy guys, and enjoy the game. Pls.

I’m not even online and you’re having problems with my organization? I mean Come on…
At least get your answers from the source. No decisions have been made regarding you.

Also the stuff everyone else said, like how PCB is not centered on Farcoast, is very true. If you don’t like it, there’s plenty of room to go do your own thing.

Start your own organization and take over mc!

The poll is really a bit much. This decision is yours to make. If you want opinions like this, you should only ask those you care about to answer. As it is, I voted for you to leave purely because of this thread. I don’t even know you. See what I mean?

I am sure you have those who want you to be around and you should value their opinions.

Well, this is silly.

I vote you leave if you can’t man up and take the responsibilities of your actions.

In other words nut up or shut up.

I don’t care.
This thread is pathetic.


JX, why so obsessed with Farcoast?