I'm back!!

Oi oi everyone!

Some of you might have seen me on the server within the last week or so. I have managed to bring back my grades up and I feel that I’m ready to come back!! I hope to be on around 3-4 times a week :slight_smile:



wassup bitch <3

Welcome back, Zwinky.

n’much, ya floozy :nonplussed_creep:

yeah m8 coilo blood

thanks :smiley:

welcome back m8 how u bean

I’m gud thx u brudda?

gud thx man

No one can truly leave PCB, see, you can’t disobey our supreme constitution

Heyyyyy!!! Welcome back Zwinky glad to see you!! =D

Pretty short break you took there! Hope to see you ingame matie


@EstevaoBuilder yup! I’m back on Venice right now!

Yassss! I (think) I’m back too! But I’ll be more regular in a couple of months without a doubt ;D