Im back!!!!!

I am not new but I have not played for a while.

about 2 months actully. I stopped playing :frowning:
But Im back and ready to build. I am Red5tonegolem I play on the realms with my friends and have beeen for about 1.5 years luckfully my friend Jnafzig was a randomly chosen beta tester for it. I am not sure why I stopped playing but I am deffinently going to play more. I have a total of 12 hours of gameplay and in survival I got every achievment possible unfortunently the end was unavailable but I did find the portal you can ask Ferrari he taught me about the server when I first got on and I am hopping to eventully become Trusted or even staff.

I have also built some pretty cool things including a hotel and a shoe store
P.S. I have been struck by lightning (on pcb of course)

Welcome back :smiley: