IM BACK Yet again

Im an old old old guy from this server when minecraft was in alpha and all there was was a classic server. I was best known for blowing shit up… Like an assload of shit. But thats changed. I was just wondering whats happend since Ive been gone Ive donated a while back. but since then ive been supper Bussy

P.S. I still love you fatso and _Andy

Do you love me still?? :’(

Jesus joe! where the hell have you been hiding?!?!

My stock of tnt has been ignored since you left all that time ago, its good to hear from you again!

well stuff happened

Ive been playing some TF2 MLG style but Im going to try to play more minecraft, and Yes Italian I still love you too. And Ill have to fix that tnt stash

what server should I get on?



Even though i don’t know you too well, welcome back. :smiley:

Welcome back. As hard said, creative will be far more permanent than Survival. Once 1.2 is out, we will alter the map again. New stuff to play with and all that.

JOE HAI! Loads has changed since you were last here… We have 2 servers now, classic is pretty much gone, loads of new staff changes (Including 4 new SOPs) and a new bigcity!

WELCOME BACK! Last time your return was IM BACK! Then you disappeared. xD
Welcomebackmorethistimemaybeyay? :smiley:


Welcome back Joe! Even though I don’t know you XD

Thanks for all the greetings, Im going to be a bit busy today so I’ll get on creative later.