Im back... ya...

Hey guys im back. i have no idea what i missed becouse i left not too long ago but i dont know anything thats being talking about on the fourms. I left becouse i got mad at everything and now im back becouse im done with the idea i can make an empire soooooooo ima just stick with what i used to do. give away everything i collect and make. yay! not. I just want something to do. Like a big project or something that i can work on and have other people work on with. anyway i have no idea whats been happening or why my survival inventory is cleared buttttttt. ima stay for alittle while if i feel like it. Might leave if i get board. But noone reconised me when i joined back on the server today, untill mini joined and said sup bro. that made me happy so ima stay and see what happens. And hopefully i will not feel unwelcomed for long becouse i know this is a great community and i always loved this server. SO IM BACK AND CAME HERE TO SAY HI TO ALL MY OLD FRIENDS… and javi… jk Javi your cool. so see you guys on the server!

EDIT: Yup probs gona leave. no one will awnser my questions on the server. There was like 5 ops and no one even thought to awnser my questions. thanks

EDIT TO THE EDIT: im not gonna leave yet. i dont want to leave. i will be on for a few more days and see what happens. hopefully i stay i used to love this server — Edited becouse of Petroliam’s Post

EDIT TO THE EDIT TO THE EDIT: Im staying i got a new house a new life a new plan and new ideas ->
1: help out soild flame’s town
2: continue helping people
3: when the creative reset happens do
- A fantasy town sort of thing
- Help out with other towns
- Ect.

… you’re not unwelcome, we just have a lot of new members.

I got on the server yesterday, even though I’ve been here since almost the beginning, no one recognised me. Likewise, I knew none of them. You just need to be on at the right time.

I’d say welcome back, but if you’ve already decided to leave again, well, I dunno.

Hi, briefly, I guess?

Welcome back, kinda sorta?

Dont leave us </3