I'm back... kinda

Hey guys,
So i know im not as active as i once was on PCB, however ivr been on a lot lately alone. I understand that education takes a lot of time up, and i will keep visiting PCB now and again. I’ve predominantly moved to the FTB server, due to my love of modded mc. I’ve in no way left the server, so i’ll be back fairly regularly!

Welcome back!

Go away <3

RIP Kyleani

well, well well, you have alot of nerve building ships on ftb server, thats my specialty ya know
:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: jokes aside, welcome back! cant wait to play ftb with ya

Same as Lykaios sorry if i had not been on PCB as much, my life has moved to twitch, but i will come on and again to checkup on u guys ;D