I'M BACK!! Kinda

Well I just recently got back from church camp. Kinda sad that it’s all over now though. :frowning: So much happened there, one of the best weeks of my whole summer. It definitely was a big experience for me. I think the thing I will remember most would have to be the girls. :wink: there where some really nice ones there, and one of them stood out the most to me. Nearly fell in love, until I had my heart destroyed. She already had a boyfriend, and I was trying to make a move on her without even knowing she was already taken. DX Thank goodness one of my friends stepped in before it got to the point were I woulda been some guy just trying to steel a girl. So after that I kinda just went out with a few friends and started just throwing CHEESY pick up lines at some girls.

Anyways… Off of that topic. :stuck_out_tongue: So I’m not to sure if I will be coming back to the server itself for a while. Since I plan on getting really active in a few things for the rest of the summer. Starting on my driving papers and then some “marathon” running :stuck_out_tongue: and MOST definitely bettering my art skills. So I am not to sure if I will be able to make it on the server all that much. I will do my best to stay active in the forums, but I really will be more focused on my other priorities, so it may be hard for me to keep active on the forums.[/b]

Myth is a PLAYERRRRRRRR!!! :stuck_out_tongue: