I'm back for another Quarter-Annual Checkup on good ol' PCB!

I come on here, like every 3 months to see how PCB is doing! What’s going on guys? Is classic doing ok? Has anyone left or anything like that? I would like to be informed!

Where is ItalianChild? <3

Too much has happened to explain in words…

Classic is pretty much dead sadly…

Since nobody ever plays on it, Kyle is hosting a FTB server instead.


Oh noes! Too bad… the Classic server was a hoot. My Run Parkout will forever be remembered… </3

Classic ain’t gone. Just let me know if you want me to turn it on. I can host both at once, but my upload is not good enough for FTB as it is. It just means people have longer loading times/lag.

Ohhh, okay.

Do people even play classic anymore? By people I mean the general community of Minecraft.

Not really, people are rarely on classic, people are usually on Survival/Creative server

Well, I do every once in awhile. I mainly quit when they took the classic links off of the front page of the minecraft website, as less people knew how to access classic.