Im back :D

Wassup im back! might as well say hey, im figuring out my password (i forgot it -_-) so ill be on eventually. im using a different network on a laptop so i can get on the forums and mc :slight_smile:

Welcome back from your vacation liliana!

sorry it took so long :smiley: im on a different network and so the pages arent blocked. and im still figuring out my password -- i forgot it. :l
EDIT: figured out my password, waiting for classic server to start up :smiley:
EDIT EDIT: crap i need java and java has a virus -

Well, it’s been awhile. I was wondering if you forgot about us.

Welcome back! Some things have changed since the last time you have been on classic (and probably the last time I have been on it too o~o)

I could never forget you guys! Yall are so awesome, ive been constantly thinking of a way (and failing horribly :l) to get on mc to see you guys :smiley:
EDIT: I can get on the forums on my iPod,awesome :smiley:

thanks! ;D

wb! long time no see. cant wait to see you in classic. note my new account is deffender3987. its no longer andy1075.

andy1075 is my nick or fourm name

I’ll do exactly that C:

The java thing hsa already been fixed…

It’s been fixed for awhile now

Also on the topic of Classic, If you use world of minecraft game client, you will need to use xwom. Works like wom…only that it works…