[size=18pt]ILLUMINATI !?!?!?




Dang it Ruby…

Speaking that this is in bigcity, my unfinished apple store build suddenly dissapeared… along with all the other builds on that plot… like someone deleted that whole plot… If it got removed because it didnt look good enough ill understand, just need to know if it was a glitch or a mess up or something since some of the buildings look like they have been chopped in half :stuck_out_tongue:

(This is the area where ruby first taught me to world edit.)

I think that building was removed by Saint and myself because it had been a while since you’d worked on it.

All hail the mighty Ruby!

Damn straight.

My building skillz doe


3 photos = Half Life 3 Confirmed!

3 corners on a triangle = Half Life 3 Confirmed!

2 posts in a row from 1 person.

2 + 1 = 3

Half-Life 3 confirmed.

3 posts Half life 3 confirmed = Half life 3 confirmed!

Octo it’s been a while since anyone has really been on tbh

Pen i didn’t see it till i came back online later and I was like wat. All my assessment is over now btw so you don’t need to make anymore ‘abstract art’ pieces :slight_smile:

That is so untrue, you shouldn’t generalise man.

@Saintnizair probs time zone on my end but every time I check the website (witch is pretty constant), and check the server, there is usually 2-3 people on, witch is most likely due to school and such since its that time of the year

Hey ! My abstract art is amazing .