Illegal items ban

Minecraft Username:lenny_gamer.

Date of Ban: 12/07/2018

Banned by: Not specified

Reason for Ban: Harboring illegal items into the server
Reason to be Unbanned: I believe that i should be let on to the server because the items i received were used once, i was told to stop and deleted the pots from my inventory, i admit to keeping it in my ender chest because i thought it wouldn’t harm anyone but i agree for the potions to be deleted along with some armor i got from Thetroll2001 because it might have something illegal too. I was told that i shouldn’t use the potions so i didn’t but what was completely unknown to me was the fact that they were “illegal”. I understand completely what happened and why but i find this a bit extreme for just 2 potions. I find this server and community the best around because of all the helping people and hope you understand what i mean.

Previous appeals: I think one before but i don’t remember.

sorry, i loggen on with an account i had a long time ago, i shouldn’t be breakinbrock04

Banned by: @whbilbo

Ok thx, why doesn’t it show tho

I’ll let you back but this will be your final warning. if we find you have more banned items you won’t be let back on for a long time.

Consider yourself lucky.
-unbanned, locked

(ps i unbanned lenny_gamer since im not sure about the breakinblocks04 account)