I'll be gone!

From February 12,2015 to February 19,2015 I will be on a hunting trip in Arizona with no internet. So I will not be online, I might be able to check the forums but that’s all.

Have fun!

What are you hunting?

Im going hunting the 28th&29th in Arkansas for Geese <3

Hope you have fun. Don’t worry about us, enjoy!

I always knew you were an elite hunter.

…God I hope someone knows that reference.

We will be hunting rabbits, coyotes, and javelina(which is a type of pig)

Have Fun! Don’t Die! :slight_smile:

You 'murricans with your killing things. Have fun, and try not to piss off the other hunters too much :wink:

This isn’t one of your parents’ convoluted plans to build your character, is it?


I’m back! Expect me to be active again

Yay welcome back Anth! I hope to see you on soon :slight_smile:

Welcome back Anth , Hope you had a nice holiday :smiley: