Ideas for Presents

So as I am sure you all know my birthday is coming up but that also means i have to answer to one of the hardest questions in my life, “What would you like for your birthday?”

I often reply, “errrrr i dunno, surprise me” however last year that really didnt turn out well, so i need ideas and thought i would come here.

[size=14pt]Any suggestions are welcome


Always coffee.

Forever. these just these

Anything from

they have the coolest shit

Depends what you want.

Like music? (Specifically alternative, rock, metal, etc.) Get a fuck ton of band merchandise, music, as well as other clothes, shoes etc from
I use that a lot.

Itunes gift cards, steam gift cards, any other gift cards are always a good shout too.

Books. Box sets of TV series you like. Films. Games. Alcohol (if you are of legal drinking age).

Money. Always comes in handy if you see something later that you want.


Anth has the right idea. any kind of gift card that you can get to order things online would be the way to go that way you can choose exactly something you might want instead of going store to store just looking around then stumbling across something you might like. Online is so much easier to find something