Idea Pool

Seeing as I honestly cant think of ANYTHING to build right now, even though i have like 10 projects going, wich i dont feel like finishing, nor do i have that much redbull. I think we should do an Idea pool, to help share our ideas and designs with other members :smiley:

Casino or AIRPORT

a big mansion, or maybe a replica of Dubai?

Yes, airport. That would be awesome. A fair distance from big city. :smiley:

I want the whole of pcb… To come together and built something BIG…


A small and flimsy shack, with a secret entrance that leads to a giant hi-tech tunnel system.

Way ahead of you delta. ;D Well, kind of. idk. Maybe. Mind if I help? :smiley:

Make a realistic city. Timelapse it.

Lol liam. One project at a time ;D


That 's basically the whole idea behind my underground city. :smiley:

Also, the time-lapse would be an awesome idea.

heres some of my ideas the rest is for me to do
lakeside town
snowy arctic city
run-down old abandoned town
mountain-top village and a
floating city

Oh Delt that sounds awesome, We could make it like the PCB headquarters :D:D:D:D

Hard once made a floating city… It was cool…

I want to make a timelapse, that would be awesome. It should be a pretty epic big city build. Giant skyscrapers, big complex figures, and start it off with a subway ride to the build sight. I think it needs to be started from scratch, clear out all the land by hand, no world edit.

I made an oil rig, it took 4 hours with help to make the base… and then i made it a shipyard becasue my derriks look like crap! :smiley:

I think I saw that on the creative map. xD I might make an offshore mining platform in survival :smiley:

I made a floating town-ish thingy in creative. I mightexpand :smiley: