Idea for Community Mob Trap?

So a few days ago I suggested that we make a community mob trap for everyone to use and get items, I already have something like this, but smaller. I made a bigger version as you can see below. Does anyone have any other suggestions or would they like this to be built somewhere for everyone to use.


Picture one shows the mob trap from above. There are 40 3x3 spawning pads on each level. With a half-slab in the middle to prevent spiders from spawning. There in total will be 12 layers (I plan to build from y level 65 to y level 128)

In picture one you can see the nine holes in the mob trap. These holes will be in each level until the bottom layer. Where there will be a smaller version of picture one which pushes the mobs into one hole where they will all fall to their death.

Please note the trap will not be an xp trap and spiders and enderman will not spawn in it.

Well if you build it in the air, it is more likely to get a boost in mob spawning. Since the only mobs that can spawn would have to be in your grinder. I have one like that, and it can tend to work super good at times when it doesn’t want to bug out.

I’m kinda against building mob traps up in the air… and It’s not much effort to light up the caves underneath and around it. There would be 12 layers of that massive mob trap and 1 small layer underneath it and then a room underground where you collect and store the items.


The mob trap I am making isn’t for xp… its just a simple mob trap to get bones, arrows, gunpowder and flesh. Didn’t you read?

Ok guys, I have decided to go ahead with the build. I have a different design that looks quite nice and I would appreciate it if everyone donated some materials considering it is a community mob trap. I’m going to need smoothstone, all 4 types of planks. Cobblestone and stone bricks. As well as tools and maybe a couple of assistants to help me build. Me and Liam also decided that we will build a community storage and unwanted enchantment area full of chests to put your unwanted enchanted items. This room will be underground either next to or underneath the area where you pick up the mob drops.

I have a redwood treefarm. It isn’t that big, but feel free to use it. I also have a slik touch pic so I can get smoothstone. Ask me to show you the farm next time you’re on if you want to use it.

Ok cool, once I find a location for it would it be possible to make a warp so people can warp and put building materials in chests?

I think that would be ok. If not, it can always be removed later. If I show you the farm, you can set a home there so I don’t have to be on when you need it.

OR, I have a crapton of saplings, I could give you those, set up a farm by the mob trap?

whu, as soon as im on i can help you build it mate. and donate materials.

i should be on tonight around 7-8 pm EST

I got a crap ton of smooth stone :stuck_out_tongue: Almost around a double chest :slight_smile:

whell i can help i know a one that can be build on the ground thats perfect

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