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Caketown- Town with buildings designed to look like cakes

Creative Spawn- (adv builder lobby in creative)




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How about a big statue of… ELVIS PRESLEY

Future Town

Cake town sounds cool.

And Fili, I saw your profile pic and it begs the question:
‘Are you a child molester???’

Statues of every trusted+ player of them with there favourite skin… could even make houses out of them call it… i dont know… discuss

That could be cool :stuck_out_tongue: so like, a house inside themself…? :LL

That would be pretty cool I have to admit… tho a lot of work.

Start making blue wool for the cookie monster. Also, you all saw that door that notch made in thr 1.7 video. I’m gonna try and make a transformer

What Video?

Are you stupid that’s a picture of Justin Beiber as a girl lol

nice r33 :smiley: Im going to need diamond blocks… xD I don’t think ill do me actually… Dont think ill be able to get all the detail… I’m going to work on a new jump quest type thing, but with traps, instead of just jumps, and inside a pyramid/temple/castle type place :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t see it properly, it’s a small picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Cake town ftw! that would be cool.