I'd like to huh... Appologize?

Yeah, well, word on the street is that I offended Jedi pretty bad with my joke or whatever. Well, the original thing was the fact that I was placing decapitated zombie heads near Skee and his buddy that was on earlier, and since I know that GodsJedi is over-the-top religious, I thought it’d be a funny idea to put a few decapitated zombie heads in his headquarters like if some ubber-killing spree happened, and put a sign that said; “Where’s your God now” as a joke. And I guess that was extremely offensive to him and all, so, I guess here’s a public apology. I wasn’t trying to single you out, I’m just not religious, will never be religious, and don’t particularly like being told that I’m a bad person for my beliefs. I don’t judge you, so don’t judge me. I figured we were close enough friends on the server for you to kinda laugh it off, but I guess not, and I guess it was way out of place. So with that being said, I now know my standpoint, and probably will make large effort to avoid you on TS since I’m a bit too much for you. Sorry again, didn’t mean to offend you or make you feel singled out.

I guess my dry sense of humor is reserved for adults only. My b.

wow, tbh i think jedi should just learn to take a joke, i mean it wasn’t really worth freaking out over. No offense to him but he went way overboard with his reaction. :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, I think that “Rapping for Jesus” song (google it), with it’s chorus of “Jesus Christ is My Nigga” was probably a teeny bit more offensive than this and the certain person who played it on teamspeak with jedi listening hasn’t made an apology thread.

Well written. :slight_smile:
<3 koalamama

Lol you and your heads kurry

Do you mean you?

Somebody actually played it with jedi there, I didn’t even know about the song until jedi told me what had happened.

EDIT: And also, you know who did it, because it was apparently you.

actually it was robin sooo


before you started it on your soundboard thing, robin played on his speakers, and thats who first played it to jedi.

Kurry I fully forgive you and yes it was offensive and yes I might have taken it a bit to seriously. I do not judge you at all and I am sorry if I made it seem that way. Kurry me and you will never think the same and I know that now so I too am sorry for anything I have done wrong to you that you have found offensive. I think that what you have displayed here shows that you are a good person and I hope we can make amends. BTW I don’t know how this hit the “street” because I wasn’t going around yelling “Kurry offended me!” but that is beside the point. I hope you do not hate me as I do not hate you.

Why so serious? (Joking)

I’m glad to see Jedi forgives you and I hope you both put this behind you. May we lock this?

If this happened to me i would probably walk past it mainly because i wouldnt of noticed it.

Im like kurry im really non religious.

You haven’t offended me, I was just stating that your forceful religious views may offend the many Atheist of the site, so before claiming that others religious views offend, you, put yourself in their place and think, maybe YOUR religious views offend THEM. :wink: I don’t get offended, I’ve been around the net for far too long. I just wanted to make a public thread so that Jedi knew that he had buddies here and that religious views aside, I’m friends with everyone. This may now be locked. :stuck_out_tongue: