Icywater1 - 4th of April, 2015


Minecraft Username Icywater1

Date of Ban 4th of April, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by rebzy

Reason for Ban

Reason to be Unbanned i was just buying some food but the rebzy banned me

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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No, you were trying to buy food after you BROKE into her shop. It was CLEARLY closed. Please wait for her response

I banned you for griefing your way into my shop. It was blocked off with OBSIDIAN yet you still decided to break in.

Incase you didn’t even notice there were 3 signs on the wall of obsidian:
“Closed due to broken market”
“stop breaking into my fucking shop you ignorant asshole”
and finally 3)

You had no reason to break in there, yet you did.

I’m leaving you banned for 24 hours due to incompetence and griefing.

i know all this but just so you guys know i cant log in either cause hes my brother and the ip is the same :’( please unban me at least i havent done anything wrong i know icy has but i havent :’( ps this is my favourite server

Can someone let The SolidFlame play? its unfair that he is banned when he didn’t do anything :frowning:

thanks Spllat can someone say something if im allowed back :’(

Hi there @The SolidFlame. What is your in-game username? I don’t seem to see your IP on the ban list

His name is The_SolidFlame!

The_SolidFlame try to get on the server!

I checked again and neither your IP nor your username (The_SolidFlame) is banned. Only the username Icywater1 is currently banned.

Yes I’m back now thanks a bunch Andy :wink:

All solved, locking!