ICS Official Page

ICS (Independent City States) is made up of many cities that all collaborate to help each other to the best of their abilities such as donating supplies or helping construct buildings. We are always accepting new members and cities that wish to join. In the event that you wish to enter your city in ICS, talk to Ferrari and he will set up the ICS flag in your city. You may leave or disband your city from ICS at any time you wish to do so. By entering your city, we don’t take over, you will still have full control of it.

ICS Capital: Haven

ICS Cities: Middlebury, Steampunk, Tybalt, Farcoast, Valhalla, Techina, Bendura, Sprucepine, Caprica, Neo, Mountainside, Whistler, and Riverwood.

ICS Officials: Namillo, Anima, Chaz, Homer, Pie, and Dragon.

ICS President: Robin

ICS Vice President: Yomi

ICS Secretary of State: Ferrari

The Officials job is to bring up various topics and vote on them in the Capitol Building located in Haven.
All of the officials get one vote (including the Secretary of State) except for the President and Vice President who will receive two votes on ICS

The United Nations are not allies, We are a governing body in the name of ‘Fancily Covered Up Staff Intervention’.

I asked ka and he said we are, you might want to talk to him about it

Sorry my fault for not clarifying… The UN will be a non-partial state. Meaning that we hope you will come to meetings and participate and then your city will be looked more kindly upon.

Again sorry for not clarifying.

Im just here for the free dirt

even though im aligned with Ka and the UN, im also partially living in Steampunk. hope thats not an issue =X

It shouldn’t be

No problem. Steampunk is for everyone to join ( as long as u follow the rules)

What is it with the Item frames with saplings On All the flags everywhere and that the gate is closed. I never heard anything from this.