Hi everyone! I was checking in this morning and I found out that I won the lottery!! I bought 400 tickets, along with many other people. xD I went from the 16th richest player to the now 6th richest player!! If you tell me you read this post, I will give you a dollar.

I read this post. Congrazzles!

Congrats! :smiley:

Congrats, girly!
How much was it? :o

'Grats Koala!


Congrats koalalala!! :smiley:

Gratz Gurl ;D ;D ;D

Haha thanks guys <3

Read it, and congrats! Now, what will you do with your fortune?

No clue. XD

i read it 200 times :3 lol jk But congrats

I read this post.

Oh yeah. Congrats.