I was being annoying

I am sorry guys for being annoying to some of you. I hope the most of you here know that I am not annoying in general, I want to apologize for this because this happened before, with a ban as result, this time I was ignored multiple times what really hurted me. I hope you understand this and accept my excuse. Again, I am sorry guys, this won’t happen again… I know, it was 100% my fault…


You got banned? by who?

No I didnt get banned.


lmao it wasn’t me if he was banned this time. so what is going on? who were you annoying?

1.) I am not banned.
2.) I was annoying as the title says

Do you mean annoyed, not annoying?

is this like a server apology?

a title??

@liam Annoying.

Sounds to me like he is apologizing for his general behavior/ how people perceive him. I don’t think any incident caused this.

Thats right kyle