I think i've been banned for no reason

I believe that I have been banned for no reason and I hope to see all my friends in the server again. I am not responsible for all these actions that i might have caused because I must let my little brother on my computer for at least 5 hours a day and in that 5 hours he goes and plays on the project city build (on my account!). I do not know what he dose on that server because i’m out with my friends or family. Please un ban please, I have been told that my brother is getting a laptop in 17 days and will get his own account on minecraft. I hope this gose threw to a admin so they can un ban me. I hope to see you soon on the server.
From kokoloko181

I’m really sorry about that. I got online today and All I saw was a third floor on your home and big 1x1 towers everywhere. I’m assuming this was your brother? Again, I’m really sorry :frowning:

Just a reminder. You are responsible for EVERYTHING that happens on your account. Regardless if it was your siblings, your parents, your friend, or your dog. So if your brother griefs on your account, you will be held fully responsible and will be banned for it.

I assume Italian has unbanned you so next time be more aware of who uses your account.

I highly suggest you change your password to keep your brother etc. off your account. Good luck with that.

seriously have people not heard of setting accounts for people on windows

Be sure to log out of minecraft every time you use it if ya don’t want your brother messig with it.

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