I think I should miss you all but......

Okay So I made it to Taiwan and I’m alive but oh my god I can’t believe I said goodbye to home only a week ago this is just so god damn crazy.

Anyway I thought I share some stories and start up a little thread for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay the day after I got here I was whisked off on a culture trip while my understanding of chinese was zilch. In that trip I met a whole heap of other exchange students from all round the world. I got used to being called hey Australian Girl.

On the trip I full on laid down in the middle of a road to look at a mountain upside down after the tour guide had us setting off these cannons type things that were made out Bamboo, what they called nature stone (CaCo2) which is limestone I think) then you add fire and it goes bang - it was an old hunting weapon. On my turn the guide put extra stone in so I couldn’t hear for a little while afterwards.

Apart from that there was a lot of hiking and parks to look at.

Love from your Favorite Emfitty

Sounds fun! I was on an exchange trip in Germany once, doing kayacking… with no paddle. A tree stole it from me! ;D

awesome. Have fun :smiley:

Im taking a break from minecraft to focus on my studies. You’ll probably see me next week :smiley:

Lucky! Take pictures for us love! <3 Have fun! Stay safe! DON’T EAT THE SUSHI!
(I have a friend who’s dad went to Japan for a business trip, healthy as can be, ate some bad seafood and died overnight in Tokyo)
A bit dramatic and I’m sure it’s a rare thing to happen, but I’d be pissed if I didn’t at least warn you. <3


Okay so this place was awesome and there was a lot of students just hanging out there to some dancing.

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You are in China!!! What part? What city? I grew up in China :smiley:

Taiwan isn’t china but its just a little country of the coast so yeah its kinda a mish mash of chinese and taiwanese

Okay been awhile since I’ve posted anything so I thought I would share a photo of the crazy things I buy when hanging out at a zoo with other exchange students

Cool! How is the weather there? Is it as smoggy/polluted as I think it could be? The first pic seems darkened. I would still love to visit.

The weather here is so bizarre it changes so quickly it goes from like 30 degrees Celsius to like 19 and then even when its a nice sunny day there is so much pollution that there is no blue sky :frowning: but apart from that I love it here. The are really great and everything is so convenient.

When I went to school we never had any exchange students or anything like that. I’m going to Romania with band in May though

Huh sounds like South Dakota