I swear, i it got any easier, it would be a miracle...


This has been my life inna nutshell lately. -_-

i have a $200 ticket to get paid off next week
My truck broke down, ive been stuck at my GFs house for a month, with no interwebs whatsoever.
AND cause ive been stuck there, i got behind in rent.

so i got kicked outta my apartment.

So i have to have all my shite packed and out by the end of the month.

Im selling most of my shit, and moving to FL with my parents, hoping to start something new down there. its just been too funking hard without thier help the past couple months.

So if you dont see me on much… thats why.

#End pity party#

Wish you loads of luck, sounds like you need it mate.
Do hope you are back on soon, miss you.

Get that Ticket paid! Good luck on trying to start something new in Florida, my brother lives there and can barely keep/get a job.

Edit: Spelt barely like barley…had to fix- Semi

Damn man, good luck! Wish we could help ya, but it seems the majority of your issues are monetary. We could all use more of that (money, not problems!).

Kyle-Yeah, definatly money issues.

Dragon- i think im straight on Jobs, im probably just going to transfer to another Radioshack down there in the mall, and just make a shitload of money off commission.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement, it means a lot.
ill be sure to be on the Forum as much as i can. this is kinda like a second job to me, so it kills me to not at least be active here.

Good look to you. I’m glad I’m not at the age that requires me to sort out my own work, accommodation, bills etc yet…

Uni in September, it will be interesting to see how I do.

Good luck out there.

And liam, I’ll (hopefully) be there the year after. Scary shit. It came around too fast…

I wish you all my luck I can wish

Well i’m sorry all i can do is wish you luck. Wish i could do more shadow. I’m only a year away from being on my own myself D: My girlfriend is graduating soon and will be trying to get an apartment soo ima be trying to help her out there. Least i’ll have an idea of what ima have to go through before it happens :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck shadow, i’ll see if i can finish that tree for you :3

“Rock bottom became the very foundation on which I rebuilt my life” -J.K. Rowling You’ve got to start at the bottom of the mountain before you can make it to the top. Good luck to ya mate!

Why doesn’t America help people like you?

Where in Florida are you moving to?

That’s tough! So sorry for you :C
Hope to see you back on soon with your life back in order :). Surround yourself with encouraging friends and family and you’ll be back on your feet before you know it!

Honestly im so hard headed, proud, and stubborn, that even if there was help, i wouldn’t accept it anyways.

Palm Beach County.

Wish you luck!

Palm Beach County.

Take me with you!!! I has (counts money) .23c!!!

All jokes aside, I have about 200$ in my account.

Also, I wish you the best of luck!

So in America there is no sort of benefits system at all?

There are homeless organizations and places where they will feed and provide shelter. Aside from that unless he has kids there Isn’t much our corrupted government will do. I’m sure that moving back with his parents is a lot better than moving into a homeless shelter.

To be fair - The United States has one of the largest populations in the word, thus it is much harder to provide welfare to everyone who needs/deserves it. While I do not mean to be condescending, objectifying the government as “corrupted” is not fair. They are under budget stresses and cuts because both Congress and the Republicans are stuck at an impasse. - now I do not mean to sound rude but I would rather welfare go towards families before singles. Just a harsh reality imho.

And while, like in all governments their are some who might be “corrupt” calling the entire government corrupt is a stretch.

This conversation getting a bit off subject. All I was saying is the government is not going to fund him free money. When I say the government is “corrupted” what I mean by it is that our yearly budjet isnt always going towards the american citizens who need it most. If you consider how many trillions of dollars the U.S. is now in debt due to helping neighboring countries as apposed to our own, calling the government “corrupt” is sugar coating it. Anyways I dont like getting into politics mainly because it gives me a headache… back to the subject, shadow I hope things get better for ya mate.