I still have this "Loading Terrain" Problem

I’m still timing out by that bug “Loading Terrain” and by the way I can enter on most of the servers with the 1.11 but this server is the only one that is failing at logging in.

I don’t have more options to fix this. I can’t play with you anymore if this bug continues slowing down the logging in.
I updated the software for fixing it (nothing), downloaded the latest Java version (nothing), trying to give more memory to minecraft/java (nothing). Every way to fix this has failed against this issue.

This issue was nothing but keeping me away from building and having fun with this loved community. I need help. Please.

-Regards Andre.

Really, Andre? I saw you triying to join but leaving like 15 seconds after… I don’t know how to help you, but i wish the best for you. I think you can try restart your PC, but…I don’t know what you should do if the problem continue…

Try another computer or a different internet connection and see if that helps andre. No-one else is having this issue which suggests it isn’t the server. If you’re not having issues joining other servers then it must be something in between (Such as the internet connection).

ima ask again, have you tried deleting your entire .minecraft folder?

As I said in a previous post re Andres problems I too had similar trouble including getting on other sites but not PCB - suggested all the things I tried which did get me back on - these, as listed he has tried - updated graphic drivers, java old removed and reinstalled - remove the whole of minecraft folder and launcher, saving any games or screen shots on on a USB ext hard drive and restart PC - then reinstall minecraft launcher.

The only other thing I remember doing was opening:

Windows Firewall.
on left side of page goto advanced settings,
on left click Inbound rules.
scroll down - check java is enabled both private and public
then try restarting PC

fingers xd.

Make sure to copy out the “saves” and possibly “resource packs” folders if you’re going to try that, wouldn’t want you loosing your single-player worlds…

A Great Welcome back Andre