i officialy leave the server....

i officialy leave the server, i really like my experience on this server, thanks to all the people that have helping me and all my friend. I love you all guys. I leave the server because when i connect on the server, thats is not same at when i was connected 2 month ago, with all my friend on ts, the inside and all the joke. i was leave with people on a big base too, and all leave the base… thats make me very sad. So thx you all again ! And never stop to be a good sever pcb.


Samuel Leblanc - miniwhite_99
Little picture of me down

Why ‘leave’? leaving is definite, not coming ever again no matter what.

Why not just stop playing for a long while? Then you wont feel so bad if you suddenly decide to come back! :smiley:

Its a win win

We are really going to miss you! It’s kind of sad that your leaving. Come check in every once and a while!!
You will be missed.
<3 koalamama

Well shit, I paid for that donator rank. :l

J’va m’ennuyer Mini, s’tai l’fun jouer avec toi. La base va etre crissement vide maintenant. J’suis la seule dedans. Guibo aussi, mais y joue moins souvent. Tuka, bonne vie, ont va s’ennuyer. Reviens si tu fini par t’enmerder avec la vrai vie.

Same reason why I am less active. I have moved onto other servers. Only reason I haven’t left is because I have like 5 friends or less here. It don’t feel like it did a year and a half ago when I first joined, its a lot different actually. I honestly have tried to leave before, and I still want to, but some of my friends are still here. Times just change I guess. :confused: We will all miss you Mini, have a great life! :slight_smile:

Gonna miss you man :’(

You best drop by :stuck_out_tongue:

thx you all, i will miss you too. Thats was my favorite server. i love you all <3

i will probably come again if some of you are online, if you do a event or just want to play with me, you can write to me at my email, [email protected]


Cya Mini, I wish you luck on your future endeavors. You’re always welcome to come back and play on the server, so drop on by every now and then. Good luck with whatever you do and wherever you go!

thx sacred :’) peace