I need some help setting up a server for the Pokemon League

[s]Im trying to get this set up and im having issues, my command line isn’t recognizing certain commands, which tells me im lacking something.

This is what i ahve to work with, help would be appreciated!!



Im apparently not understanding something here[/s]


I got almost all this done
now im having trouble with port forwarding


See if this helps;

ill add my know how of port forwading but all routers are diffrent and may not be the same, as i have a belkin router its really easy but others have problems with it.

so, porting, first, depending on your router you will need to change the port start and port end to the same number ‘25565’ or if it dosnt let you then open from ‘25565’ tp ‘25566’, less ports open the better.

next step is to tell your router what pc to port to, for this you will often have to use the last 2-3 numbers in your internal ip address (the one normally starting 192.168 rather then something like 224.88.77) so you grab that internal ip number from your router, either use ip config or if your router has a optiion for it look at your local domain, client list, connected computer ips ect.

once you have the port and the ip set up you should be good to go, remeber that firewalls and anti spywear on your pc/router can block the port if not configed correctly, if it still isnt working turn them all of to see if you can get a connection, then enable them one by one to see which one is the problem and try to fix it.

it did, i got the port forwarded, now the last issue im having is configuring the JS, the game console runs through the MSDOS program, which is simple enough, but i have to get the config file to be correct so that my IP address, Server name, and port are all set up to allow this damn thing onto the main server on the website, which is proving hard enough that Sip took a look last night and said wtf is this. There is hardly ANY documentation on the config, so im working with nothing, IT WILL GET DONE, just not sure how long it will take

I can help build things if you need…but then again…Theres maps for that.

I mean, im not making a full Pokemon game, this is all going to be just Battle Simulation, no walking included

Aww…THat would be fun! Catch different pokemon on the way…

Please can we do that after the simulation? xD

If i had that much time on my hands, or knew Javascript that well i would love to, alas i do not.

If you want to play a good Pokemon MMO, goto http://www.pokemon-world-online.net/, which is free to play, unless of course you feel like donateing to them, which is an easy way to either get double EXP and money through thier membership, or to get rare pokemon you want, early in the game. It plays exactly like Pokemon Red Blue, Gold and Silver, they are currently thinking about implementing a Hoenn Map, and is just really fun all around.